How to draw the human figure - Figure Drawing, Start Drawing a Figure




Drawing a Figure

Let's try drawing a figure and specifically look at step two where we flesh out our stick figure. Notice that the figure to the left is on several planes. You can tell this because his right hand looks much larger than his left hand or right foot. So this means that the right hand is on the plane that is closest to your eyes. And since the right foot looks pretty small, it's on the plane that is furthest from your eyes. Notice also his legs. His legs look a little small for his body - this also shows that he's leaning towards you, his shoulders are closer to you than his pelvis. If we refer to his torso as the "main plane", the bottom of the mail plane, his pelvis - is further from your eye than the top of the main plane - his shoulders. Further, the top of the main plane is also tilted so that his right shoulder is closer to your eye than his left shoulder. It may help to mentally turn the figure 90� to the right so that you can see how he's standing and see the planes that make up the figure from a different angle. Click the image to the right to enlarge it. Looking again at the legs, his left leg  bends towards your eye, the knee bends so the lower leg is bending away from you. His right leg is behind his pelvis and is bending at the knee so the right foot is the furthest part his body from your eyes. His left foot is pointing towards you, and his right foot is pointing away from him. So in the smaller inset image of him from the side, his right foot is now facing you.


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