How to draw the human figure - Figure Drawing, basic male leg proportions




Male Proportions - Legs


Now lets take a look at the proportions of the male legs. Just as with the elbow, the knee oftentimes gets misplaced. But unlike the arm and the upper and lower segments being pretty equal in length, that's not the case with the legs. If we measure starting at the groin to the top of the kneecap - that's the thigh. Now measure from the bottom of the kneecap to the ankle - that's the shin. The shin is a little bit longer than the thigh, so therefore, the knee is not at the midpoint of the leg, but slightly higher.

Speaking of the knee, sometimes it looks like there are two knees one above the other. The higher bump is the actual bone - the kneecap. The lower bump is the tendons and muscles of the knee area.


In the image on the left, the leg is bent at the knee. Note the location of the kneecap. It's higher than you would expect.

Also in the left image, doesn't the thigh seem a bit too short? It's not, it just appears that way. So when you are drawing legs that are bent at the knee, guard against drawing the thigh too long.

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