How to draw the human figure - Figure Drawing




Practice Figure Drawing


Now you have learned enough about Figure Drawing that you should be able to do a drawing yourself! Let's look at the figure to the left. We've discussed all the elements in this drawing that would make it difficult for someone to draw, but now that you've gone through the Figure Drawing section, this image should be no problem for you!

The figure is proportioned correctly, review that topic if you need to before you start the drawing.

The left forearm and hand and both legs are seen in extreme perspective, and therefore the figure is in multiple planes.

The head is at an angle, he's not looking directly at you.

Of course he has hands and feet, and now you know how to draw them - by starting simple with them!

Start the drawing by drawing a stick figure that is proportioned correctly.


Click on the figure to print a larger version for yourself and start to draw your very own figure drawing! When you finish the drawing, ask a friend or relative to strike a pose for you and draw them! And keep practicing!

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