Do I have to donate money to access your site?

No. The site is free to use. A donation is appreciated though, since it costs money to create and host a website.

What are the yellow highlighted words throughout the site?

They are art terms that are defined when you mouse over the yellow word.

I can't see the Flash content on your site on my iphone or ipad.

I know. You have to wait for Flash to be available on Apple devices. Or search the internet for a solution. There may be one out there!

Do you teach art to individual students?

No, I don't have a teaching degree, so I don't teach other than on the web.

Do you have a DVD that I can get of what you teach?

I do not at this time. Video clips will be coming to soon!

I've looked at all your pages and I still can't draw.

I've taught you to the best of my ability within the limitations of the web. If you think you can't draw after looking at this site, maybe you could take some art classes at your local community college. Or find some how-to-draw books, or other websites.

Who are you?

Click the About the Artist page.