How to draw the human figure - Female Proportions




Female Proportions

Now lets look at the proportions of a typical adult female. "Typical" proportions are somewhat hard to see in a woman. Because of how many male-dominated societies around the world view women, women feel they have to alter their appearance. One of the ways they alter their appearance is by appearing to alter their proportions. Two examples of this is lifting their bust line with a bra, and appearing to lengthen their legs with high heels.

The average female body is seven and a half head high


It's about one head from the bottom of the chin to the mid point of the breasts


from the top of the shoulder to the elbow, the bicep is about one and a third heads long


The arm, from armpit to fingertip, is about 2/3 the length of the leg from groin to sole


From navel to groin is about one head length


From chin to groin is about 3 heads


The waist is about one head wide


The hips are about one and a half heads wide


The neck is about one half heads high


The pelvis, from top of the hip to groin is about one and one third heads


From elbow to wrist is about the same as elbow to armpit


the thigh is about 1 and a half heads long


The shin is about 2
heads long


From the groin, the legs are about 3 and a half heads long


In profile, the pelvis is about one head wide at it's widest point


What measurements can you find
and make?


Female legs are roughly the same proportions as that of a male, the shin is a little longer and thinner than the thigh. However, using high heels creates the illusion that the shin is much longer than the thigh. High heels also shape and define the calf muscle

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