How to draw the human figure - Comparing Male and Female proportions




Comparing Proportions

Let's compare male and female proportions. On the whole the proportions are pretty much the same. I suspect if they weren't very similar the species would have died out pretty quickly. But I digress.....
Most of the time women are smaller than men with finer bone and muscle structures. That means that in art the woman is depicted with softer, smoother lines than that of a man.
A mans shoulders are usually the widest point on his body. For a woman, the widest point is usually the pelvis.
Due to a woman's ability to bear children, the abdominal section of a woman is structured differently than a man. Women have a narrower rib cage, but the pelvis is wider. The abdominal muscles are structured differently for a woman. The abdominal muscles will split when a woman is pregnant.
Generally women have a higher percentage of body fat than males, again, to accommodate pregnancy. That is why women are seen as physically softer than men.

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