How to draw the human figure - start Figure Drawing with Proportionate Stick Figure




Proportionate Stick Figure

Now that you've seen some basic proportions of an average person, let's start to learn how to draw people. If you'd like a review of the basic drawing ideas, have a look at the DRAWING BASICS section then come back here. Ok, you're back. Any drawing is going to start with line - line then encompasses a shape. "Real" artists may tell you that drawing stick figures are for people who can't draw. What they're not telling you is that when they draw a human figure, they start by drawing a stick figure (if they're any good!). When drawing a person, you should start by drawing a stick figure to begin to map out the correct proportions of that person. That's why the first part to this section was correct proportion. So measure your model and draw a proportionally correct stick figure that shows the joints of your model. Like so:

Let's start simple and draw a walking guy.


Draw a stick figure starting with his head. Based on what you know about correct proportions from the first section, next draw a circle where the shoulders will fall. Next draw another circle where the pelvis should be. Connect the shoulders and pelvis with a line. Working your way down, draw a line coming out from the pelvis circle that will be the left (closer) leg. Mark where you think the knee bends with a circle, then draw another line from the knee that ends with another circle that is the left foot. Since you can't see his knees, I marked where the shorts are, too. Now draw a stick leg in the same way for the right leg. Lastly draw his left arm starting with a circle where his shoulder will be. Draw a line, then eyeball where you think the elbow is, then draw another line ending with another circle for a hand. This whole time try and get the proportions correct to the model by taking your best guess on the proportions.

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