How to draw the human figure - Simple Sketches of Hands




Simple Sketches of Hands


If you're drawing a flat hand with the fingers tight together, you can enclose it in a egg shaped oval to help you see the correct finger lengths. Hands vary greatly, so we really can't lay down too many universally common measurements. This may be why so many people don't like drawing hands.
One thing we can say is about the finger lengths is what we talked about on the previous page.
Another fairly common measurement is that the palm area is most of the time longer than the middle (the longest) finger.
The width of the palm is also usually wider than it's height.
On the palm, the large thumb muscle extends to the mid-point of the palm.

As with most drawing, the best thing to do when drawing hands is to start simple and build it up into it's more complex shapes. And remember, draw what you see, don't listen to your logical mind telling you that "you're doing it wrong!" Keep going with your hand drawings and if you draw accurately what you see, they will look right - even to your logical mind!

Start by doing simple sketches of your own hands. It may be easiest to take photos of your hands so you can look at the photos while drawing rather than hold your hand in place while you draw with the other hand. Do quick 5 minute or less sketches. Don't bother measuring, just eyeball the measurements as best you can. When you've finished the sketch and you feel like a measurement looks off, go ahead and erase that part and redraw it. Hold your hand in simple poses, ones where your fingers are close together so you don't have to draw all of the fingers. Don't draw each finger but draw the contour of the grouping of the fingers. We'll work on drawing individual fingers as we make the drawings more complex. Do several sketches like this so you can get comfortable drawing the hand and seeing the various shapes, ridges, angles and curves in the hand. Remember: draw what you see in front of you, don't listen to your logical mind if it tells you that the sketch doesn't look like a hand. Just keep sketching. The more you draw, the more comfortable you'll become with drawing hands and your logical mind will shut up. Click below for some examples of positions you can put your hand in to draw it.

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