How to draw the human figure - Add shapes to the stick figure




Stick Figure Shapes

The nest step in figure drawing is to "flesh out" the stick figure. Put some meat on those bones! We'll be drawing directly over your stick figure. You're drawing with a pencil, right? Because we're going to be erasing these lines as we complete our drawing.

The guy we're drawing


Start with the head of your stick figure and draw the contour of his neck. You can redraw the head if you feel like you'd like to get it tighter. Then working your way down the body, continue to draw the contours of his body by drawing ovals in the width that you see the shapes that make up his body. Draw one oval for the upper arm, and then an overlapping oval to represent the lower arm. And yet another hand-shaped oval for the hand. And so on down his body. Don't press with your pencil too hard since we'll be erasing these lines soon.

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