To begin the drawing, draw the stick figure. Let's try and make it as accurate as possible, so begin by measuring the height of the head from chin to the top of the head. We'll use that measurement as our Standard Unit of Measure (SUM). Using the SUM, measure the entire height of the figure from the toe of the left foot to the top of the head. I come up with six heads high. Remember, since this figure is not standing straight up, the basic measurements that we discussed at the beginning of the Figure Drawing section do not really apply. So draw your head in the top third of your paper, slightly to the right of center. Remember to leave room at the top of the paper so you'll have room to draw the right arm. The shoulders will be about one and one quarter heads wide, from the left shoulder to where the bicep meets the shoulder on the right arm. I drew circles to mark his shoulders, and also drew a shape to define his upper chest. Next I measured that to the bottom of the groin is about three and a quarter heads. And as you can see I drew a "tighty whitey" looking shape to mark where the pelvis will be. Next I measured from the top of the thigh to the middle of the knee on the left leg, and marked the knee with a circle. Then I measured the length of the left shin and drew in where the left foot would go. Continue like this and draw the stick figure.