Learn to Draw Caricatures - Drawing a Celebrity Caricature of Woody Allen




Celebrity Caricature

Drawing Woody Allen

Drawing the hair and ears

Woody Allen caricature

About all that's left now is the glasses and his eyebrows. The glasses are really going to make him look like Woody Allen because the glasses are really the most prominent feature on his face. Start the glasses by drawing flat-topped semi-circles around his eyes. Remember that his nose is going to be in front of part of the right lens, so you won't draw that circle all the way around. Make the circles big, the bigger the better, but they can't be so big that you can't see the face. Are the two semi-circles that you drew the inner contour of the glasses or the outer contour? It doesn't matter which, really. If you think the circles you drew are large enough, then that was the outer contour. So draw smaller semi-circles inside the first circles you drew. And if you want to make the glasses larger than the semi-circles you drew - draw two more semi-circle outside the first ones you drew. When you're happy with the way you've drawn the glasses finish them by drawing the arch over the nose that connects the two lenses, and draw the arm that goes over the ear. With that done, just go crazy with your pencil and thicken the glasses by shading between the two semi-circles. Make the shading even around the glasses.

Finish up by drawing small, sad looking eyebrows above the glasses. The eyebrows are created by drawing the contour of the eyebrow then shading the eyebrow contour in. Don't shade the eyebrows in evenly because his eyebrows aren't thick, single-colored shapes. You could give him a small little chicken neck by drawing two lines down from the jaw line. In caricature, it's common to draw the neck off to one side or the other of the head. In this instance I put his neck on the right side (Woody's left side) of the head. To close off the two lines you drew for the neck draw in his shirt collar. That could be as simple as drawing a two triangular shapes that extend out from the bottom of the neck you drew.

Practicing caricaturing by drawing celebrities from photographs is fun. It's a good way to practice caricaturing because there are plenty of celebrities to choose from and their faces are often very distinct so that you won't have to totally finish the drawing to be able to tell if your drawing will look like who you are drawing. Woody Allen was already starting to look like him before we even drew the top half of his head.

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