Learn to Draw Caricatures - Finishing up the caricature




Finishing up

Let's finish the caricature of her

Adding facial shadows

We're done!

Do you see that her face still looks a bit flat? That's because there aren't enough shadows on her face. The flat areas seem to be the cheek area, the forehead, and under the chin. We'll put a little bit of shadow on the shirt, too.

Very lightly draw in some shadows around the contours of the face. I put some around her right cheek, her chin, her left cheek, and on the right side of the forehead. I also darkened the lips a touch, and made the line defining the nose a bit darker at the left lobe.

The main shadow that needs to be added is the one under the chin. The light in the photograph is coming from the upper left, so the shadow under the right jaw is much thinner and brighter than the shadow being cast under the left jaw. So as you shade in the shadow on the neck, make it darker on her left side.

The very last thing to do with this caricature is to put a bit of shadow on the shirt to define it. The shadows I use on clothing are sort of a "Z" motion that I vary in intensity. I just shadow the darker areas to hint at the shirt.

How did your caricature of this woman turn out? I bet it looks pretty good! Do you see the differences between caricature and portraiture now? Distorting the face isn't always giving somebody a monstrously huge nose, sometimes it's subtle, as this drawing is. Do you see the difference between the photograph and the caricature you drew? What makes your drawing a caricature? We moved her mouth closer to her nose and drew it smaller than it appears in the photograph. This did a few things: Made her nose look longer and also makes her chin look longer as well. In order to draw a good caricature you should begin to learn to see how you can manipulate the face of your subject for a humorous effect, while still maintaining a likeness of your subject.

Continue on to the next page to see a quick step by step for a completely different face, and we'll also discuss some additional ideas in caricature.

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