Learn to Draw Caricatures - Making Your Caricature Cute




Making Your Caricature Cute

Pulling and stretching your caricatures is a lot of fun. Fun for you - the artist, but maybe not so much fun for the subject of your drawing. Let's go back to the definition of a caricature:
car-i-ca-ture (care-E-kah-chur, -chr) n. 
1. A representation, especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject's distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect.

ok, sure. But not a lot of people I know want a "grotesque" picture of them. What the above definition lacks is "...exaggerated to produce a fun, silly, or cute effect, or a comic or grotesque effect". Most people would rather have a fun or silly caricature of themselves or a loved one rather than a grotesque caricature. So how can both you have fun drawing the caricature as well as please your subject?

Many times dudes don't really mind if you mess them up a bit in the drawing. But kids, both boys and girls and almost all girls and women want to be cute and not goofy or grotesque in the caricature. The key to making females and kids cute is to draw your subject younger than they are. Make you subject "baby-faced".

Caricaturing a baby

When we draw a baby there are certain things you can do to make the baby cute - even cuter than the baby is in real life. When drawing a baby:
 Notice that the baby's head is pretty round. When you draw a caricature of a baby, make the head very round.
Most babies have short, button-like noses - make the nose even shorter and more button-like. Draw the baby's eyes first, then draw the nose almost in between the eyes. Just a little lower than the eyes, really. The lower on the face you put the nose, the older the baby will look.
When you draw the eyes - draw them larger than they appear. Cuteness often starts with large eyes.
Babies have almost no chin. Draw the chin very close to the bottom of the mouth. The longer you make the chin, the older the baby will look.
Make the forehead larger than it appears. Babies often have large foreheads, so make the forehead even larger to heighten the Cute factor.

The above tricks to make a baby more cute in the caricature can also be applied to any subject that you want to make look more cute. Women and girls will appreciate you making them look more cute.

Drawing Cute

When drawing kids and women:
The first thing you should try is to make the eyes larger than they appear. A cute kid is going to have BIG eyes, so draw their eyes bigger than they are. Eyes, however, are very important to the likeness, so draw their eyes, but draw them better than they look in real life.
Draw the nose shorter and smaller than it appears on your subject. This is because as you age your nose gets larger and longer. So if you draw a younger looking nose, the whole face will look younger. Baby noses are very short and small. So if you are drawing a baby, put the nose just a little below being between the eyes.
Draw the forehead slightly larger than it appears on your subject. Because younger children have larger foreheads than older people.
Draw rounder, chubbier cheeks, and if you can totally eliminate the cheekbone, try that.
Draw the chin smaller than it is. Babies and young kids have pretty small chins.
On girls, make their hair fuller than it appears on your subject. I'm not saying make all girls have Rapunzel-like hair - if they have short hair, make it short, but fuller. If they do have long hair, I bet they'd like it more wavy if it's pretty straight. But you still should make the hair look like their hair - just better.

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