Learn to Draw Caricatures - Drawing a Celebrity Caricature of Woody Allen




Celebrity Caricature

Woody Allen

Let's keep going and draw another caricature. This time, rather than just a regular person, let's try a celebrity. Drawing and caricaturing celebrities can be both easier and harder than drawing regular people. On the one hand, you have the advantage of already knowing what the person looks like, so it might be easier to "see" the finished caricature in your head. But if you don't get a good likeness, people are going to wonder who you were trying to draw. So on the other hand, you may psych yourself out and begin to over analyze every little line you make saying "no, this doesn't look like him/her". With that said, lets dive right in and draw Hollywood writer/director Woody Allen.

Inverted pear head

Draw his eyes

Woody has a distinctive look: the thick glasses, the large nose, the big ears. So in a caricature of him, what we should do is give him larger glasses, a bigger nose and bigger ears. The best way to do this is to make those features pretty much normal sized, but make everything else smaller. Doing that will make the normal sized elements look larger. So we'll create the caricature by drawing the facial elements just like we see them, but we'll be messing with the size of each element. What we'll end up with is his head shaped like an inverted pear.

As always, we'll start with the eyes, the glasses will be one of the last things added, so we'll have to work around them for now. Draw his right eye (the one on your left) top lid. Follow the contour of what his top eye lid looks like, and you'll end up with an arch shape. Now, follow the contour of his lower lid and draw that in. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see that he has more than one eye distance between his eyes. Measure that distance out in the drawing and mark where you'll start to draw the left eye. Now draw the top lid and bottom part of the left eye. Notice that the left eye is not the same shape as the right eye, so draw the two eyes as you see them.

Woody Allen's nose

Now we can move on to the nose. Draw the contour of the nose. Note that the contour is very close to the corner of the right eye. The nose can be drawn with one continuous line that looks like a very crooked and backwards "J". Remember to follow the contour just as you see it. See that the nose doesn't have a "ski slope" type look, but it has a large "bump" in it near the top. Let's draw it a little bit longer than it appears so we know we get the "cartooniness" in. Draw a little bit of shading on the nose that shows where the nose lobe meets the bridge of the nose.

Now the mouth. To make the nose look large, everything below the nose will be smaller than it looks. So, start drawing the contour of the mouth much closer to the nose than you see in the photo. But still draw the mouth with the same contour that you see in the photo. You may place the left corner of the mouth parallel with the edge of the nose, even though the photo doesn't show that. So the mouth looks just like the mouth in the photo, only smaller, and closer to the nose.

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