Learn to Draw Caricatures - Drawing the Hair




Working on the Hair

Here she is again

The first lock of hair

Adding more shadow shapes.

Draw an outside contour of the hair.

Hair is done!

OK, We'll start drawing the hair close to the face. In the photo, at the widow's peak, there's a lock of hair that creates an arched shape that falls to the right, that lock of hair continues down past her eyes. Parallel to her left eye, that lock of hair bows out and creates a dark shadow right at the facial contour. Draw a curved line starting at the widow's peak and draw it down along the contour of the face, bowing it out at the eye. Make some hints as to the direction of the hair with shapes made of grouped lines, and fill in the two darker spots with shadow and line. Don't worry about measuring the shapes in the hair to make them correct size, just eyeball the sizes you create with the lines and shadows. I'm sure she won't mind if her caricature ends up with big hair.

To the left of the right eye is another dark shape that encloses the ear. I keep drawing lines and shapes that follow the direction of the flow of the hair and I work my way up and around the top of the head and then work my way down the right side until I come to that large dark shape by the right ear.

In the photo, the right ear is concealed by hair and only the lobe and an earring are visible. Because the ear is barely there, you don't have to worry much about proper proportion for the ear. Just draw the earring, and shade the entire area all the way to the side of the face so you don't even have to draw an ear.

With the face mostly framed by hair, draw an outside contour of the hair that runs off the page. Draw a vertical line at her jaw representing the side of the neck. Continue and draw contours of the shirt she's wearing. Then all you'll have to do is finish drawing lines and shapes to represent shadows in the hair inside the hair contour.

A little trick I do when drawing hair is not to draw shadow shapes all the way to the hair contour line. I leave a "halo" of blank space around the hair contour. This gives the illusion there's a light shining behind the head that highlights the hair. It gives the caricature a tiny bit of a "photographic" look. Of course, that's a little hard to do when you're drawing someone with lighter hair like our subject. I'll show you that trick later.

Your assignment: Draw some caricatures of people with interesting hair. Concentrate on drawing that hair with as few lines as possible, but still make it interesting. Try drawing short hair, long hair, dark hair, and light hair.

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