Learn to Draw Caricatures - About Caricature style




Caricature style

This section of the site is intended for people who want to learn how to draw caricatures. There are many styles of doing caricatures, but the only style I can effectively teach is my own. My style comes from a love of drawing portraits and cartoons, so my style is sort of a cartoony-portrait style. I really think it will help if you know a little bit about drawing people in a "straight" way before you start messing them up in a caricature. So if you'd like to learn about DRAWING PEOPLE, check out that section of this site.

An example of my caricatures

The style of caricature that I've developed is a "quick" style. I try to get as much detail in the drawing as possible with as few lines as possible. I spent many years drawing caricatures for people where I worked on a per-drawing basis, so the more I drew the more money I made. I was able to draw a complete caricature of one person in under 10 minutes. So because of that, my style evolved into something that (I hope) looks finished, but not rushed. This is the style that I will teach.

I will go through caricaturing step by step and I encourage you to follow along and do the drawings as you read about them. Copy the lines I show you and copy the caricatures I draw. Try and mimic my style, but I strongly encourage you to develop your own style of drawing. Take what you like about what I teach, but disregard anything you don't like or disagree with. Draw your own lines and shapes and shade them how you like. Study my caricature style, but also study other caricature artists and take what you like about their style as well.
"Yeah, yeah... Let's DRAW already!" Ok, I hear ya... click NEXT.

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