Learn to Draw Caricatures - Exaggeration





Now let's see if we can caricature the girl we just drew.

Let's draw her again

Get your lap desk out and put a sheet or two of paper on it and get comfortable in front of your computer. Sharpen your 5B pencil and have your eraser handy. If you'd like to print out the photo we'll be working with go ahead. We're going to draw our friend here again but this time we'll try and caricature her using your new "caricature style" of drawing.

Look at her face. What do you see is the first thing that jumps out about her? It's natural to look at the eyes first when you look at a photo, but is it her eyes that jump out at you? To me, it's her chin and her smile. The roundness of her cheeks make her chin seem smaller than it should be. Her smile jumps out at me because of the "classic" look of it. When I think of a smile, this is the kind of smile I would see. So, my caricature of her would have a minimized chin and a smile that would turn up slightly at the corners more than it actually does. This isn't going to be a really wacky caricature, I'm not going "mess her up", I'm just going to draw her as if she were a cartoon. Fred and Daphne of Scooby-Doo fame don't look "messed up", they just look "cartoony". That's what's going to happen here. We'll mess people up later.

I'll have to do more to the face to achieve the effect I'm looking for. I already know that if I minimize the chin and turn the smile up, it will make her nose look longer than it should be. And in relation to her own face, she doesn't have a long nose. So, I'm going to have to shorten her nose to make it look right. I know you may be wondering how I know that I'll have to do all this without drawing it. It's experience. I've drawn a LOT of caricatures.

What you may want to do instead of drawing ten thousand caricatures to get the experience, is draw little sketches of possible ways to caricature her. Make several little drawings of different exaggerated facial features and then pick the one you think may look the most like her. Remember, It's not going to be a very good caricature if it doesn't look like her.

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