Learn to Draw Caricatures - Caricaturing the nose




Drawing the Nose

Let's draw her nose

A huge nose - not good  for this caricature

Baby's nose placement

Some caricatured noses

"This is starting to look very portrait-like, where's the caricature?" Well, I'll let you in on a secret: If you want to make the nose look large, one thing you can do is make the mouth and chin small. You'll have to see that when we get to it, though.

The placement of the nose on the face can make a person look old or young, cute or ugly. Babies' noses are really short because the cartilage that forms the shape of the nose hasn't formed yet. So, if you're drawing an infant, to make it look really "baby-like" draw the nose really short, in fact, put the nose almost in between the eyes. The lower you draw the nose on a baby's face, the older it will look. This also works to make people look "cute". If you're drawing a caricature of your girlfriend and you want to make her look cute, make her nose shorter than it is. Another quality that is "baby-like" is a small chin. To make your girlfriend look younger, make her chin smaller than it is. Oftentimes when a girl gets a caricature drawn she doesn't like it because to her, the artist made her look "ugly". And most likely the reason she looks ugly in the caricature is because the artist didn't attempt to make her look "cute" by giving her baby-like features. The artist should shorten and soften the nose, make the chin look smaller, and give her bigger eyes. The problem here is this may cause the artist to lose the likeness of the girl. So the artist needs to find a balance between cute and the likeness. We'll talk more about this later.

Of course, not all noses look alike, and you see noses from different angles. If seen from the front, you could draw the ball of the nose like a "U", and draw the lobes of the nose like "C"s. The bone in the nose may be really prominent, in that case, use a heavy line and follow its contour to show that it sticks out. Don't draw the nostrils if you can't see them, and many times the nostril can be drawn looking like a sideways teardrop. But, as always, draw what you see.

Your Assignment: Try and caricature some noses. Look at the people around you and sketch their noses. You don't have to draw anything else but the nose. Start it at the bridge and complete it all the way down to the ball and lobes. As you look at noses, try and exaggerate them by turning them up, or hooking them down. Draw them from the front, side, and three quarter.

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