Learn to Draw Caricatures - Drawing a Celebrity Caricature of Woody Allen




Celebrity Caricature

Woody Allen

Draw the jaw line

Draw the other side of the head

We have the eyes, nose and mouth of our Woody Allen caricature drawn. Let's go ahead and draw the left jaw line. See the little jowl hanging off Woody's jaw? Draw that in, it's another "u" shape, but smaller and narrower. Then continue up the side of the face drawing the jaw line. Stop about parallel with the eye. Make the jaw line one continuous line, don't sketch. That goes for all the contour lines you'll draw, by the way. Just guess at how far out to draw the jaw, Woody has a narrow face, so making the angle of the jaw line too steep would be better than making it too shallow an angle, thus making him look fat. In the drawing, I've added some detail like the laugh line, another shape defining the jowl, and some shading.

Let's draw the other side of his face. I find it easier, drawing the right side of the face, to work from the temple down to the chin. That's the opposite direction than the left side of the face where we started at the chin and went up to the temple. On the right side of his face, I see three "bumps". Starting at the temple, I see the bump that his cheek bone creates, then below that, his cheek puffs out a bit, then below that there's another bulge that encloses the mouth. So on this side of the face, you might draw three lines, one for each bump. With that side drawn, you can go ahead and throw in some shading indicating the cheek and jowl. Remember, the angle of these lines that mark the right side of his face will be a steeper angle than the other side of the face. Now with most of the face drawn, you can see that his nose looks HUGE. When you first drew it, it didn't look that big, did it?

Let's begin to draw the upper part of the head and the hair. Let's give Woody a big ol' melon and draw the dome of his head. Do just that, draw a dome from temple to temple that is just about as high as eyes to chin is long. This will place the eyes pretty much in the middle of the head where they belong. The dome won't be perfectly round because you should account for the bumps that the contour of his hair will make.

Draw the outside contour of the hair

Now let's draw in Woody's hair. You can skimp on the hair to give him a big forehead. Draw the outside contour lines of the hair first, the draw the inner contour of the hair. Drop in a little bit of shading in the hair. Shade in the direction the hair is going to make it look most like hair. Leave some white areas in the hair to denote highlights in the hair.

Draw the ears in now. You should draw them just as you see them, but draw them Dumbo-size big. Draw the contour in first, starting a little above the eye, and drawing an ear shape down to about the bottom of the nose. Then fill in the detail of the ear. You can't see Woody's right ear in the photo, but since we're making his ears big, go ahead and draw a hint of a right ear.

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