Learn to Draw People - Drawing the three Quarter View




The Three Quarter View

Click to see the differences of each side of the face.

Seeing the face at some degree of a three quarter view is probably the most common way we see the face, so it'll be the most common way the face would be drawn. Three quarters is when the subject is turning the head slightly so that they're not looking straight at you. You only see three quarters (more or les) of the face, hence the name. The side of the face that's closest to you looks pretty normal, but the far side of the face looks a little squashed. The reason the face gets skewed is because the face is being foreshortened. Because the face looks squashed, you won't be able to do the same types of measurements on that side of the face that you did on the near side.

There may be less than one eye between the eyes.

The far eye may be opened to a different degree than the near one, thus the shape of the far eye could be a lot different than the near one.

The far nose lobe looks smaller than the near one, if you see the far nose lobe at all.

The far side of the mouth will look different than the near side.

You'll be able to see the near ear and may not be able to see the far ear at all.

The contour of the face on either side will be very different because the cheek bone could be more visible on the far side.

You will still be able to measure using the eye as the standard, but you'll measure things like how much less of one eye there is between the eyes, and how many eyes the cheekbone sticks out past the nose. For the near side of the face, you can still do measurements like the nose is the same height as the length of an eye. But the distance from the eye to the ear may no longer be the same as the distance from the eye to the chin like in a profile. Keep measuring features on the face against one another and you're three quarter portrait will look fine.

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