Learn to Draw People - drawing Facial Hair




Facial Hair

Facial hair like beards and moustaches are a little bit different to draw than hair on the head because it's generally shorter and coarser.

Let's draw this dude's beard

Lighten spots by erasing the shadows you drew

Do the same thing with facial hair as with head hair, and that's to draw in the direction that the hair is going. With short beards like this one, you're going to have to make a bunch of little short strokes with your pencil. You can create shadow shapes you see in the beard, but these shapes are going to be made of short little strokes. Make darker strokes for dark patches in the facial hair, and lighter strokes for the lighter parts of the beard. Follow the direction that you see the hair going. On this guy, right under his mouth the hair looks to be fanning out to either side, so I made little strokes that are pointing that way.

His beard isn't all one tone, so I had to vary the heaviness of the strokes. For really light patches of hair, I lightly erased the lines I had drawn.

Longer beards will be made up of longer strokes, but they'll still be individual strokes you'll have to draw. But as when you draw hair on the head, when you draw beards there is no need to draw every single hair. If you stick with shadow shapes created by the hair you'll just have to draw the shapes, and not each hair.

The technique used on beards and moustaches could also be applied to shaggy eyebrows, as long as you draw in the direction the hair is going.

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