Learn to Draw People - Straight on portraits




Portraits Overview

In the previous exercises of drawing profiles, I tried to stress that taking accurate measurements is the key to getting a likeness of the person you're drawing. We're going to look at drawing the face straight on now, and taking good measurements is even more important. The profiles you drew were just line drawings and they looked pretty flat. In addition to drawing straight on portraits, we'll also be looking at shading to give your portraits more depth, dimension, and character.

First, we'll go over some basic measurements, proportions, and placements for drawing a straight-on portrait. 

Then we'll look at each facial element individually and look at how it's drawn and shaded. 

After that we'll put all the facial elements on a head and connect them so they're all one unit.

We'll also look at hair and how it can be drawn and shaded.

Finally, we'll look at putting it all together and also look at the problems that three quarter view portraits pose.

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