Learn to Draw People - Continue drawing the Profile




Continue drawing a Profile

We'll draw this profile

After you've drawn your profile lips (from the previous page), keep going with the contour line you're doing and draw in the curve of the chin and continue the line to draw the jaw line. Most likely, an imaginary line from the base of the nose to the bottom of the chin will be angled. not a straight vertical. Do you see that in your profile so far?

Now. from here, let's go up to the forehead. Measure again from the eye line you drew to the completed chin curve. Remember that the distance from the eye to the chin is the same as the distance from the eye to the top of the head. You better verify that by making that measurement on your subject. So, measure on your drawing, from the eye line to the bottom of the chin and carry that measurement to the eye line and make a small mark where the top of the head will be.

Start at the nose and draw a contour of the forehead that ends at the dot you made. When drawing the line remember to follow the contour of your subject's forehead. Draw the slight bulge right above the nose that is the brow.

a simple eye drawing

Now draw the eye and the eyebrow. Measure to see how far back from the bridge of the nose the eye is set, and make a tiny mark where the eyeball will be. The eye can be broken down into three simple lines: The upper lid, the eyeball, and the lower lid. Can you see the three lines on your subject? Draw this simple shape the way you see it on your subject and add in the pupil. The eyebrow will be a dark shape above the eye. I suggest drawing the contour of the eyebrow, then filling it in. We're going to go into more detail about the eye in a few minutes...

Now for the ear. Take your pencil and measure again from the eye to the bottom of the chin. Turn that measurement 90 degrees counter clockwise, hold that measurement on the horizontal eye line, and at the back of the eye you just drew, the top middle of the ear will probably land at the other end of the measurement. Measure this on your subject to verify it. The bottom of the ear will fall somewhere between the nose and mouth, if you drew another horizontal line from the bottom of the ear over to the face you have so far. Draw the "C" contour that is the ear.

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