Learn to Draw - drawing in Perspective




Drawing in Perspective

Drawing geometric shapes in perspective is much easier than more complex objects, so we'll start with a plastic bottle cap. When you look at the cap straight on; when it's right at eye level and therefore at the horizon line, it looks like a rectangle because you can only see two dimensions: Height and Width. If you look at it from the top, that's when you can see the third dimension: Depth.

Let's draw this bottle cap

here's how

So lets draw the bottle cap three times - straight on, from the top, and from the bottom. On a new piece of paper, take a ruler and draw a straight horizontal line in the middle of the paper. This will be the horizon line. Take your best guess as to where the center of the line is and draw a dot there. That's your vanishing point.

Now Freehand draw as perfect a rectangle as you can with the center of the rectangle being the vanishing point. Make the rectangle as tall and as wide as the bottle cap looks to you. There! you just drew the straight on bottle cap! Now we'll draw the top and bottom views.
Draw two parallel lines and extend the two sides of your cap drawing well above and well below the rectangle. This is done so that the top and bottom view caps are the same size as your first cap drawing. Now guess and put a horizontal line above and below the cap drawing. This is where the middle of each cap drawing will be.
Draw an oval on both top and bottom horizontal lines so that the line bisects the oval.
Now on both the top and bottom drawings, draw the same sized oval below the oval so that the top of the new oval just touches the bottom of the first oval.
On the top oval erase the bottom of the original oval, and on the bottom one, erase the top of the original oval.
Erase the two horizontal lines on both the top and bottom caps, and add a smaller oval inside the top view cap, and there you have it! you've drawn the three views of a bottle cap!

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